Cloud computing

Get all the benefits from OpenCloud

The operative system OpenCloud is very easy to use! Simply open a browser, enter a password and start using it just as your own computer.

OpenCloud is a web based workspace and it aims to provide a fully operational operative system accessed by your browser. It even runs on your tablet or smartphone.

OpenCloud provides you all the tools you need to work as a single user, or as an employee of any type of company.

Everyone can use OpenCloud!


These are some of its benefits

  • File manager and File sharing system
  • Collaborative environment and full control of users and profiles. You can create and manage your own groups!
  • Private company Chat and videoconference environment
  • Email server included
  • Email client online (you can configure all your mail accounts)
  • Microsoft and Linux applications available online
  • Fully compatible with your Microsoft AD

Register and try it for free!

Go to opencloud website!

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